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 Medical Interpreter Service (German - Russian - English)

Travel planning: Assistance in the choice of an optimal treatment and in the organization of medical appointments as well as in visa application, hotel and flight booking

Transfer: pick up at the airport, transfer to the hotel / clinic

Interpreter: personal escort at visiting a doctor or at a hospital as an interpreter

Interpreter by phone / Skype: direct help in case of any communication difficulties round the clock

Translation: of medical reports, diagnoses, patient information leaflets,  including explanation of medical terms

Private urban trips: assistance in the buying of medicines (including the search for the best and the most favourable products) as well as of foods etc., city excursions

One-day Europe-tours: to places of your choice in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxemburg


Personal escort as an interpreter:


Costs per hour


55 €


50 €

3rd - 5th

44 €

7th - 12th

36 €

The first our has to be paid fully, the next ones exact to 15 min

The maximal costs per day: 425 € (equivalent to 10 working hours)

At personal service in Aachen - 10 % discount

Interpreter service by telephone / Skype:

0,75 €/min (or 45 €/hour), to-the-minute billing

Translation per email:

25 € for a standard page (about 1500 characters with spaces)

or 0,85 € for a standard line (52 characters with spaces)

Transfer (between airport, hotel, clinic) and private urban trips (pharmacy, shopping, excursions):

Prices like at the personal escort as your interpreter + 0,20 € per km of drive together

One-day Europe-tours by a middle class car up to 700 km way or 10 hours:

480 € (including all trip costs and working time) when booking about 1 week in advance

Travel planning: price on arrangement

At personal service a short nutritional advice is for free!